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Intrusion detection systems only protect property when they efficiently summon an effective response. Legacy burglar alarm systems, invented and widely sold before the American Civil War, suffer a 98% false alarm rate and result in very few arrests. We offer video based intrusion detection and verification where intrusion videos are delivered directly to private patrol for response, even in challenging environments. With years of experience and proven results, we'll bring the handcuffs!

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Press Release

by Director Dunn on 04/07/16



Local burglar alarm company uses sneaky cameras and private security to catch criminals

Modesto, California 7 March 2016

Making Arrests

Art Dunn Alarm Company reports that it has now passed the milestone of the hundredth arrest of a criminal detected by one of their systems. The hundredth arrest was made in Turlock by Sgt. Hansbury, a patrolman for Ontel Security Services, Inc., based in Modesto. Earlier the same evening, Ontel Capt. LeDesma assisted by patrolmen from Rank Investigation & Protection Inc. had arrested two subjects at a site in Modesto.

To be counted as an arrest, the subjects were either placed under citizen’s arrest by private security or at least detained by law enforcement. Contacts that resulted in warnings or “near misses” were uncounted but certainly exceeded the number of arrests.

Three arrests in one evening or one hundred over four years seems insignificant until compared to the documented results in large cities such as San Jose, who reported on the San Jose Police Department’s website “…In 2010, the Department responded to 12,450 alarm calls throughout the City… Only two arrests resulted from these alarm calls…”

Sneaky Silent Cameras

In what some criminals may consider unfair tactics, most of these arrests were made in places where criminals wouldn’t expect their activities to be detected and with nothing but pangs of conscience to warn them of consequences. “We are the specialists in outdoor and empty property detection” said Director Art Dunn, founder of the eponymous alarm company. “These arrests prove the value of our combination of detection and response”.

Dunn uses video cameras that send alerts and videos directly to the computers in patrol vehicles, allowing the responding patrolman to review the videos of intruders themselves. “When you have an intruder or vandal on your property, the most important thing is getting someone out there quickly to catch them. Using these silent cameras we’re able to detect intruders while they’re still trying to decide how to get into the building, giving us that critical head start to catch them. They have no idea we’re coming to catch them, so they’re in no hurry to leave with our client’s property”.

Early Success

Using Videofied cameras that are completely battery powered and wirelessly connected to the internet via cell towers, Dunn formed a strategic partnership with Ontel in 2012 to offer their clients enhanced protection services. The first arrest in April was made at a bank owned property where the lack of utilities made any other technology impractical and the bad guys overconfident. These same cameras were deployed on school rooftops to address crushingly expensive vandalism of air conditioning equipment, in one instance ending a crime wave that cost one school district over one million dollars in damage at a single campus.

Ontel’s Chief David J. McCann remembers the first arrest at Alice N. Stroud Elementary of a would-be copper thief as the first significant arrest because “… it proved that this solution worked where nothing else would”. Similar results have been achieved at other schools, construction sites, rooftops and empty buildings. “We’re pleased that our relationship with Art Dunn Alarm Company allows us to offer enhanced services to our customers”.

New technology

Dunn now offers even more sophisticated cameras that go beyond simply detecting intruders. The new cameras, manufactured by CheckVideo, can detect a subject’s behavior. Last year this new technology allowed Ontel Patrolmen to arrest a vandal responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage to windows at a downtown business. Without a hint of guilt over the sneaky installation, Dunn said “We put the cameras inside looking out through the windows and programmed them to alert us to anyone lingering in front of the building. A few nights after the installation we were alerted to a subject standing in front of the window tossing a rock from hand to hand before smashing it through a storefront window. After Ontel arrested him, the police couldn’t believe we’d caught the right guy until we showed them the video. He had no clue he was on camera and we’ve had no problems since that arrest!”

“We’re pleased that our product is getting results like these for one of our dealers” said Steve Currens, Director of Sales for CheckVideo. “Results like these prove that our video detection is a reliable technology that offers solutions at reasonable cost to the customer”

Private Response

California has adopted a softer stance on non-violent crime in an effort to comply with court ordered prisoner releases and voter approved proposition 47. This “catch and release” policy has strained law enforcement resources, slowing responses to lower priority crimes. Despite the fact that this has been the situation for years, victims are still regularly surprised to see trespassers and burglars released with little more than a summons to appear- essentially a parking ticket.

Frustrated property owners are beginning to see the value of private security that offers solutions by making arrests. Stevens Protection Services’ Chief Stevens, who patrols the rural areas of northern Merced County and has a dozen CheckVideo cameras deployed in his territory, says he’s receiving more requests for service from property owners in his service area. “When we arrest someone found on our client’s property we can wind up waiting for over an hour for law enforcement to be able to respond. That’s an hour spent in handcuffs that aren’t comfortable and probably the worst that will happen to them. Once that’s happened they don’t go near our properties again!”

The Next Hundred

Looking to the future, Director Dunn is optimistic that the next hundred arrests won’t require another four years to attain. He points to the early releases, lax punishment and overburdened law enforcement as reasons for an increasing demand for private security solutions. The pain and cost of losses to theft and vandalism will drive consumers to private security, and Dunn says labor costs will drive most consumers to use technology like his. “It’s a proven formula for us that more cameras plus more bad guys equals more arrests. We will continue to live up to our motto ‘We’ll Bring the Handcuffs!’”

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