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Privacy Policy and Other Notices
                                                                 PRIVACY POLICY

We collect data from our clients, vendors, partner companies, our employees and any authorized users who access the services we or our clients, vendors and strategic partners provide. We may also collect data from people and companies who express an interest in or request information about our services or the services of our vendors or strategic partners.

The type of data we collect may include, but is not limited to: email addresses, telephone numbers, full legal name, street addresses, mailing addresses, user names, passwords, personal identification information, banking and credit card information, video recordings and system activity data.

We collect this data for the purposes of facilitating access to, payment for or information concerning our services as well as the services of our vendors and strategic partners. Video recordings and system activity data are collected and may be used for training, advertisement, to assist in a public or private investigation and as evidence. We may also collect and retain data in order to comply with local, state or federal laws.

Financial and private identity data is held in strict confidence and is shared only with financial institutions in order to process payments. We share remaining data on an "as needed basis" with our employees, our strategic partners, our vendors, our insurers, our financial institutions, accounting firm, law enforcement, our clients and any private parties our client authorizes disclosure to. We may also be ordered to share this information with local, state and federal agencies as required by statute or regulation. We may also share information as ordered by a court order.

Electronic data is stored on password protected devices and servers. Written information is stored in secure locations monitored by electronic systems. All documents with personally identifiable information are rendered illegible before being discarded by shredding.

Please review the terms of service for CheckVideo. 

By accessing video information using the service we provide to you, you affirm and agree:

1) That you are legally competent to agree to these terms as well as the Terms of Service for our strategic partner, CheckVideo LLC (link above) personally and for any artificial entity you represent as it relates to these video services.
2) That you agree to these Terms of Service as well as to those of our strategic partner CheckVideo LLC (link above)
3) That you agree to not use the services provided for illegal purposes.
4) That you acknowledge that composite services provided require the services of others that are completely outside of our control or authority, including but not limited to Network connectivity, utility power and third party network services provided by third parties.
5) That you agree to hold harmless Art Dunn Alarm Company, NANLOW DUNN INC. (also referred to as PROVIDER), its subcontractors, subsidiaries, and service providers from all suits, damages or any claims for loss, damages, negligence or malice.
6) That you grant free and unconditional license and permission to PROVIDER to use video information recorded in public, outdoor or other areas where no expectation of privacy exists for marketing or training purposes.
7) That you understand and agree that the services provided do not constitute an insurance policy.
8) That you agree that under no circumstances shall PROVIDER be liable for restitution, losses, compensation or damages greater than three times the monthly service fee charged by PROVIDER
9) That you are solely responsible for the installation and maintenance of your equipment, unless otherwise agreed to, including the storage media. PROVIDER will honor all manufacturer's warranties. Please note that storage media are NOT warranted against defect.
10) That PROVIDER shall, at its sole discretion, have the option to terminate service without notice at any time without refunding service fees for the current period of service. A failure to exercise this option immediately does not exclude the delayed exercise this option at PROVIDER'S sole discretion.
11) That service is considered provided for a full calendar month if at any point during that period equipment you own and/or control was connected to or active on the web portal service provided by PROVIDER or PROVIDER'S subcontractors, subsidiaries or vendors. You further agree that service fees are to be paid via automated subscription or other automated monthly transfers in the amount agreed to at the commencement of each new service. You agree to pay for any additional services you request in a similar fashion in amounts established.
12) That you agree to provide written notice to cancel services via certified letter to: Art Dunn Alarm Company 
PO BOX 577186
Modesto, CA 95357-7186
13) PROVIDER may, at its sole discretion, waive the requirement for the written notice required in 12) above, as confirmed by written electronic communication in the form of email or fax.
14) That you agree that you are solely responsible for the protection of your user name and password, that you will immediately update your credentials if you suspect a breach. You further agree that the ability to arm/disarm and/or email from the address used as a valid user name linked to equipment under your control will be considered as bona fide proof of your authority to act or to request support.
15) That the jurisdiction for any suits or legal action is to be Stanislaus County, California, and that the laws of California will be the laws governing this agreement.
16) That if you disagree with the terms of service above you will immediately terminate your use and access to any services offered by PROVIDER and promptly return, at your expense, any equipment provided by PROVIDER you do not own.