A Note From Director Dunn: : We'll Bring the Handcuffs!
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We Catch Bad Guys! 
Intrusion detection systems only protect property when they efficiently summon an effective response. Legacy burglar alarm systems, invented and widely sold before the American Civil War, suffer a 98% false alarm rate and result in very few arrests. We offer video based intrusion detection and verification where intrusion videos are delivered directly to private patrol for response, even in challenging environments. With years of experience and proven results, we'll bring the handcuffs!

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A Note From Director Dunn:

by Director Dunn on 08/02/15

Dear Reader,

My career has been a succession of forward steps, each one building on the education and experience of the one preceding. 

Following my service as an Avionics Technician in the Navy were years I spent first in the burglar alarm and later the electrical construction industries. 

Returning to the burglar alarm industry, I decided that my eponymous business should seek success in areas shunned or ignored by competitors. Additionally, my success would be measured in arrests and property protected rather than by monthly revenue or number of accounts.

Adding my new experience of responding to alarms and arresting intruders to my decades of prior experience led to a complete rethinking of means and methods. With experience I learned what worked and what didn't. I stopped doing what didn't work and kept improving what did. I stopped focusing on offering security equipment and started offering security solutions. This new approach led to arrests and success stories our competitors still can't duplicate!

Working closely with Strategic Partners in the private security industry, I will continue to fulfill the company's motto:

                                   We'll Bring the Handcuffs!

Most Respectfully,

Art Dunn
Director, Art Dunn Alarm Company

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