Fourth Anniversary of First Arrest! : We'll Bring the Handcuffs!
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Intrusion detection systems only protect property when they efficiently summon an effective response. Legacy burglar alarm systems, invented and widely sold before the American Civil War, suffer a 98% false alarm rate and result in very few arrests. We offer video based intrusion detection and verification where intrusion videos are delivered directly to private patrol for response, even in challenging environments. With years of experience and proven results, we'll bring the handcuffs!

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Fourth Anniversary of First Arrest!

by Director Dunn on 04/09/16

10 April 2016

Four years ago our Strategic Partner, Ontel Security Services, Inc., had been hired to secure a bank owned apartment complex in Modesto. The client had a limited budget and limited options because there were no utilities.

Thanks to our strategic partnership, Ontel was able to offer the client an option to paying for a full time on-site guard. At various places around the property we hid battery powered cameras that would send videos of activity directly to the computers in Ontel's patrol vehicles. This offered the client affordable protection that vandals were already proving necessary by stealing copper plumbing and appliances inside the property.

In the rain and under the cover of darkness to avoid the neighbors being able to watch us install the cameras we set the trap... and waited for it to catch someone.

When it did, Ontel Patrolmen quickly arrived and made the arrest- much to the surprise of arrest #1! He had no idea he'd walked right past several cameras or that we'd known he was there long before he'd decided which apartment he was going to break into.

For us, this was our first success with this new solution. As it turned out, it would be the first of many!

On the third anniversary of the first arrest, three juveniles who were casing a client's property that was sitting empty on the real estate market were arrested- arrests 66, 67 and 68.

As we mark the fourth anniversary of our first arrest, we've caused or made arrests of over one hundred criminals, with a ratio of clients to arrests that exceeds the rest of the industry by an incredible margin. We're expanding into new technology and new theaters of operation.

This anniversary seems a fitting time to thank, with humility, our Strategic Partners. The only greater reward than working with them has been the satisfaction of seeing those who would harm our clients in uncomfortable handcuffs, wondering what just happened!

We created a video back then, touting our early success

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